A Blog Lost: CloudAtCost

If, you've noticed this blog has been whipped and is brand new now. Thank CloudAtCost for being terrible, my OS was corrupted (as was many other's) randomly about three weeks ago, since then I have had to reimage this server, and thus this blog.


CloudAtCost: A Rant

This webpage is hosted in Canada through CloudAtCost. They sell lifetime hosting for a one-time fee. It's really quite a deal for someone like myself (college kid), who doesn't have a stead income. That being said, you get what you pay for.

I have never had an issue with them until last week, I rebooted my server as I often do, waited for the machine to come back, waited, waited some more, waited three days. On the third day I sent CloudAtCost a support ticket about how my machine had never come back on. Two days go by before I was given a response of "Are you still having this issues?", I explained that yes, I was infact still having the issue of not being able to contact my server. By this time I had seen other CloudAtCost customers having issues as well, venting their frustration on Twitter. This was not a localized event. Unfortunetly, these users reported that their only path to their server was to reimage, loose everything and start fresh.

Damn, I had no backups of this server and this blog! But as luck would have it the console on the website suddenly started working, I was able to get to the main command line and get everything back to working order. I mount the machine to a local folder on my MacBook via sshfs, pull all of the Ghost (this blog) data off and reboot to see if I can fix the incredibly slow I/O speed.


Same issue as before, luckily after 24+ hours I am able to get the console working again and this time fix memmory issues in the boot process. So here I am, afraid to reboot this machine for fear of loosing this machine again.

To CloudAtCost: Please be honest with your customers, if something goes wrong please tell us. Don't tell us "something went corrupt on your sever, please reimage".